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On Saturday June 14, there will be the first “Festival of the Communities for Change”, in Bologna at Palazzo Re Enzo, an event created and organized by the association RENA.

It’s an event, unique of its kind, developed for networking, organizing discussion tables and sharing experiences. It’s an opportunity for all the participants to create value, meeting each other and starting new collaborations. All the main actors of innovation in Italy, have been gathered, showing a huge interest, so that the event is sold out.

There’s a rich program, from 10 am until late in the evening.

150 organizations will attend the festival, including communities, public administrations, enterprises and 15 nationally popular speakers.

PUSH, represented by Domenico Schillaci and Salvatore Di Dio, will take part in the event. The festival is a great opportunity to meet realities who we’re already starting a collaboration with and to find new ones, but it is also an excellent opportunity to be part of the thematic tables dealing with crucial issues for the projects developed by our Association, such as social innovation, OpenData, territory promotion, crowdfunding and governance of sharing communities.

The event can be followed via live streaming or following RENA on Twitter and using the hashtag #RENAfestival created for the event.

Tomorrow, at the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia in Palermo will be held a local seminar for planning Sicily’s participation at the Italian pavilion at EXPO 2015


The event, which will take place in Milan from 1 May to 31 October, is dedicated to the topic “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and is going to be of great national and international appeal. EXPO and Padiglione Italia aim at becoming the messengers of a proactive vision of Italian culture and economy and of their main actors. They mean to do so by granting visibility and support to those projects and practices that will take us into the future, stimulating the desire of improvement and growth, coortinating and enhancing the Italian socio-economic system so to offer to the world the best image possible of Italy and its territory.

In order to highlight what content regional and local institutions will be taking to Expo 2015, Padiglione Italia, in agreement with EXPO Direction Board and also with the contribution of Censis, organizes a series of local seminars for participation planning entitled “EXPO 2015 for Italy”. These are occasions aimed at auditing local authorities and their representatives in order to envisage an articulated and engaging image of Italy that can look at the future from the viewpoint of its historical riches and cultural identity.


Among the speakers of the seminar “Forum for Sicily” there will be also PUSH’s President Salvatore di Dio, who will gather PUSH’s social innovation projects. He is strongly committed to work for Palermo and its citizens by laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s smart cities through projects that are simple, effective, sustaimable, and able to trigger new urban and social policies.


The seminar will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 12 November at Cantieri culturali alla Zisa – Pad. 4, Via P. Gili, 4, in Palermo.

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