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PUSH is a Lab for Social Innovation and Sustainability in Urban Areas.
Founded in Palermo in 2013, the research activities intersect design, social sciences and digital technologies with the aim of developing solutions to enhance cities and protect the environment.


MUV is a EU project aimed to improve urban mobility using an innovative approach: changing citizens’ commuting habits through a game.


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We were missing our breaks on Piazza Sant’Anna balcony so we made ⁦an online⁩ version of them. What we used to discuss there, it’s now on ⁦@NotionHQ⁩ and it might help in these tough & cognitive-overloaded times... Our balcony is open! :)…

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The first MUV Datathon for the exploitation of the data on urban mobility

The Datathon, originally organized in Palermo and Milan but canceled to counter the spread of COVID-19, will take place online from 6th to April 19th and is aimed at all those who, from the data collected through MUV app, wants to propose your own idea for a new solution or service. The event, organized by […]

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