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PUSH is a design lab for social innovation.
Using a human-centered approach we develop solutions to improve the quality of life in cities and to protect the environment.


MUV is a EU project aimed to improve urban mobility using an innovative approach: changing citizens’ commuting habits through a game.


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@franzmassa presenta l'approccio di PUSH per migliorare l'esperienza dei cittadini alla conferenza di @ADIassodesign Sicilia intitolata "il design come agente di trasformazione"

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UrbanisticaTre’s last release “I Quaderni” #12 about Right to the Future

“I Quaderni” #12 of the online journal UrbanisticaTre is titled “Right to the Future – The participatory process for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda in Palermo” and is edited by PUSH and urbanita. We are really proud of this publication entirely focused on the experience of our second Urban Thinkers Campus that took […]

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