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PUSH is a Lab for Social Innovation and Sustainability in Urban Areas.
Founded in Palermo in 2013, the research activities intersect design, social sciences and digital technologies with the aim of developing solutions to enhance cities and protect the environment.


MUV is a EU project aimed to improve urban mobility using an innovative approach: changing citizens’ commuting habits through a game.


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Busy busy day. @_maurofilippi a @FarmFavara presenta #HumanExperienceDesign alla giornata per il console USA #KarenSkinnerer. @totididio con @CollegioCA a Torino testa con @elsafornero e i suoi studenti un gioco sui principi base dell’economia. A Palermo? Il torneo di @muv2020!

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“Right to the Future: Vision Development Kit for the City of Palermo” is now a book

Two years ago, with the Urban Thinkers Campus “Right to the Future“, we wished to promote the idea of Palermo as a city capable of collecting and multiplying its possible future scenarios and applying the principles of the New Urban Agenda regardless of the resources available. It was an opportunity to discuss about the “Right […]

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