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The experimentation of trafficO2 has officially started: the private Beta version was issued today, which 42 students of the University of Palermo selected during the workshop “Mobility, behaviors: apps”, will test on their smartphones.

This is the first step of an experimentation that aims to involve the over 60.000 students of the University of Palermo, and subsequently the entire city population.
The tester sample will be gradually extended, as well as the app functions, which will be improved and enhanced based on suggestions by the testers, who will review the app periodically.

The PUSH team is currently working on a second release, expected on December 25th, a Christmas gift in the sign of sustainability.

After three-days of intense work with the students of the Schools of Architecture, Engineering, and Education of the Università degli Studi in Palermo, seven new social innovation projects have been produced.

We would like to thank all the students who have worked with commitment and enthusiasm, and to their tutors who were able to inspire and guide them. Special thanks go also to the speakers that have recounted how the integration between social media, ICT, and social innovation can be of insipiration for the smart citizens of tomorrow. Invaluable collaboration also came from the staff of the Schools involved in the project, which have strongly belived in it. Finally, we want to thanks also the technical partners, which have enriched our program with several interesting initiatives. Last, but not least, thank you PUSH team!


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