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Today, 17 November 2014, the new SUVChallenge (with SUV standing for “Sustainable Urban Values), the contest awarding the sustainable mobility of the students of the Università di Palermo, has been launched.

By moving on foot, by bike or vehicle pooling, it is possible, via an app, to accumulate O2 points allowing the students to win the prizes raffled out by the partners in the project.

This challenge is an occasion for the over-500 students who have joined the competition to test the app in advance and to actively contribute to its development.

Parallel to the community of UNIPA students, for the first time another, smaller, one will be created by invitation, comprising all those who are interested in testing the app exclusively.

The app is available for iOs and Android devices and is now at its fourth release.

For info, please refer to

“Palermo Pulita” is an app developed by Social Street Palermo allowing the user to report the presence of trash, illegal dumping grounds, and damages to urban decoration in the area of the city of Palermo.


The use of the app is simple and immediate: to make a report is sufficient to take a picture in real time, select on the app the category of the issue reported (illegal dumoing grounds, dangerous waste, urban waste, and damages to urban decoration), and send the geolocalized information to the server. The app collects the reports anonymously and the data gathered will be then shown on a density map on this page: As a consequence, it will be easy to understand which areas need urgent interventions.


PUSH, which subscribes to the values underlying the civic activities of Social Street Palermo’s concerned and participatory community, has realized the iOs version of “Palermo Pulita” app, downloadable here.


PUSH is in a partnership with Open House Roma, the annual event- organized by the Association Open City Roma- that in a weekend gives free access to hundreds of buildings, remarkable for their architectural and artistic peculiarities. Particular attention is paid to modern and contemporary heritage, without ignoring the historical one.

The event is totally free and it makes possible the visit to all the scheduled places and events, thanks to guided tours organized by the designers and by the architecture students of Rome Universities. 

Furthermore, there will be pedestrian, cycle tours and special events aimed at discovering the hidden treasures of the Capital: these spaces are usually closed to public fruition because of their daily functions.

The App created by PUSH, will allow visitors to plan their tours during the two days of the event.

Each user will be able to explore the list of all the scheduled locations and events, sorting them accordingly to the distance measured by georeferenziation and filtering them accordingly to needs and preferences (historic period, author, date and opening hours, etc.)

They will have the opportunity to consult also technical fact sheets of each location, add them as “favourites”, book the visit and share their own experience on social networks.

The App is available both for iOS and Android devices.

For more info

Piazza Sant’Anna, 3 - 90133 Palermo
C.F. 97285820821

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