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There were positive results from the experience in Brazil, where Claudio Esposito, Mauro Filippi and Andrea Tosatto presented to the jury of the Fi-Ware Smart Cities Challenge project, The Social Market: a platform designed to encourage and reward positive action within target communities, realised in collaboration with the team of Ines Bajardi.

This was a busy week, during which the FI- WARE technical committee – made up of computer scientists and specialised developers – has helped to develop a prototype for viewing at the final presentation and must meet the requirements within the technological landscape of the Campus Party Brasil, the hosts of the competition.

The jury at the end of the work awarded the 3 winning projects: Fi-Guardian by Marcos Marconi (Brazil), Sparky app by Alejandro Santamaria (Mexico) and Smartbox by Romero Alvaro Izquierdo (Spain). In addition, two special mentions: “Most Innovative App” for Smart City App by Daniel Menchaca (Spain) and “Young developer” for Smart Zity by Alberto Martin Alcubierre (Spain).

This is the list of proposed projects and those rewarded. We are already at work for the edition in 2015.

SocialMarket, the project presented in collaboration with Claudio Esposito and the team at Ines Bajardi architecture firm, is among the twenty finalists of the Smart City Challenged organized by FI WARE. FI WARE is the platform for the creation of innovative apps and the management of data on large scale, and aims at creating an ecosystem of sustainable innovation with the involvement of developers, entrepreneurs, and sponsors.

This is an important step, especially if we look at the numbers: over 400 projects presented from teams of 23 different nationalities, in several fields (cloud hosting, big data analysis, identity management, internet of things, etc.). 

 Campus Party 2014 will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 27 January to 2 February. The twenty finalists will be invited to submit their prototype to the technical committee that will eventually proclaim the winners of the three prizes and the two special mentions.


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