Communities’ Sustainable eXperience




Three days to explore best practices and perspectives for the Madonie region

The Urban Thinkers Campus – Communities’ Sustainable eXperience (CSX) was an initiative carried out as part of the Madonie Living Lab project, aiming to showcase a broad portfolio of initiatives, processes, practices, solutions, and ideas driven by communities. Over three days, topics related to sustainable, circular, and responsible innovation in the inland areas of the Madonie region were addressed through conferences, roundtable discussions, and related events.

More than 100 speakers, including professionals, local political representatives, researchers from the academic world, representatives of organizations and businesses active in the Madonie region, and students, engaged in discussions on sustainable development, with particular attention to three Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations Urban Agenda:

  • Skills development and inequality reduction (SDG 10): This goal promotes equality through skill development in rural areas and contributes to reducing social and economic inequalities.
  • Inclusive and sustainable economic growth (SDG 9): The aim is to promote economic growth based on local skills, contributing to the sustainable economy of the Madonie communities.
  • Participatory design of sustainable processes (SDG 12): The goal is to involve local communities in co-designing sustainable solutions.

The UTC Communities’ Sustainable eXperience is in partnership with the third edition of the Countless Cities Biennial, an event organized by Farm Cultural Park. The first part of the Campus was hosted in Mazzarino and Favara on June 23 and 24, 2023.


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