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Three days to explore the topic of human mobility from different perspectives and at different scales

The Urban Thinkers Campus is a format of the World Urban Campaign conceived as an open space of critical exchange to involve citizen communities in the governance and management of cities and to propose solutions to solve the urbanisation challenges of the future.
Palermo in recent years has faced challenging transformations capable of radically reshaping its identity.
Undoubtedly a central part of this engine of transformation has been the city’s willingness to redesign its mobility policies at any level: from the local scale such as the development of new urban mobility services and infrastructures, to the global scale such as the migration policies adopted in stark contrast to the Italian national government.

The Urban Thinkers Campus  “Human Flows – Integrated Mobility Perspectives”  involved over 30 speakers who in three symbolic places of mobility in Palermo, the port, the airport and the Notarbartolo station, developed the theme of mobility under three different aspects:

  • Infrastructure and policies.
  • Services and data.
  • Rights and laws.

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