Street Art Factory




A platform that allows you to locate street art pieces, learn about urban artists and buy their artworks to support social projects

In recent years the phenomenon of Street Art has registered big interest from the media, and this trend generated new urban routes for curious and passionate citizens, visitors and travellers. Locating artworks and learning about authors and projects, however, is not always easy, due to the lack of ad-hoc services and good mappings. Moreover, urban art interventions, whether fostering social purposes and bottom up urban reactivations, often suffer a lack of resources and adequate support.

Street Art Factory allows to locate street art works, get information about the artists and buy their signed artworks and screenprints in order to support local artistic and social projects. A map, filterable through different criteria, indicates the location of the street art works in town, an e-commerce section allows to buy artworks created on traditional supports by street artists, and through a specific section about social projects, it is possible to devolve a donation to support local activities related to art and education. The service also provides some new Augmented Reality contents created in collaboration with Bepart.

The platform is currently on beta testing, nevertheless a first campaign to support a poster art workshop held by Poki for the children of the clinic of Emergency in Palermo, has been already successfully completed. More than 200 urban artworks have been mapped in the city of Palermo, and 5000 paper maps, A2 format, were printed and distributed for free in touristic information points, museums and cultural institutions.

Street Art Factory, launched with a pilot project in the area of Palermo, aims to expand to other Italian cities, growing its network of artists in order to support more and more social activities related to art throughout the territory. SAF has also already started collaborations with some Sicilian festivals dedicated to street art.

Piazza Sant’Anna, 3 - 90133 Palermo
C.F. 97285820821

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