A Living Lab to innovate and connect the community in the Madonie area

In 2021 a group led by PUSH together with Avanzi and AM3, won a call aimed at setting up an innovation partnership for the executive design, the implementation and management of the work programme related to a Living Lab on the Madonie, a rural area in the north of Sicily. The group managed the co-design process that led to the executive design of a living lab located in Petralia Sottana (PA) – operational by 2024 – focused on an open innovation approach and including an audiovisual and multimedia production lab, a food lab, a fab lab and a coworking space.

In 2023 PUSH and Avanzi, ran a series of formats to engage the community of Madonie, in order to prepare the opening of the Madonie Living Lab physical hub. These formats included a tour exploring and interviewing communities’ social and economic initiatives, training formats based on design thinking approach, a service jam, a three-days conference under the umbrella of UN-habitat, training for enterprises about innovation and sustainability.

The Madonie Living Lab demonstrated immense potential to positively impact the region on multiple levels. It fosters innovation by creating an environment where new ideas can flourish and local challenges can be addressed. By supporting local businesses and promoting entrepreneurship, it contributes to economic development, leading to increased prosperity and job creation. The Lab also fosters social inclusion by empowering communities and bridging divides, ensuring everyone has a stake in the region’s future. Furthermore, it enhances education and learning by providing valuable opportunities for skill development and knowledge sharing.

Piazza Sant’Anna, 3 - 90133 Palermo
C.F. 97285820821

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