Arricria is a collaborative map of the city of Palermo created by PUSH for the project “Rigenerazioni per accorciare le distanze” promoted by the associations Laboratorio Zen Insieme, Per Esempio Onlus and Ortocapovolto.
Arricria allows citizens and associartions to report, with just a few clicks, a space in the city that would need improvement.
In the mapping process, in addition to the perimeter of the area, it is asked to provide data with respect to street furniture, greenery, lighting and the state of preservation, and personal remarks can be added.
During a contest launched in the summer of 2023, more than 60 spaces were nominated and voted on to enter a participatory redevelopment process led by Ortocapovolto.

Rigenerazioni per accorciare le distanze promotes the concept of the common good as a tool for community empowerment, fostering processes of bottom-up urban regeneration and environmental education.
The promoting associations supported the creation of two neighborhood committees in Zen and Albergheria, Palermo, which conducted urban exploration and mapping actions in their neighborhoods, promoting the implementation of two public spaces renovation actions.
The project is funded under the ‘Fermenti’ call for proposals, an initiative of the Prime Minister’s Office managed by the Department of Youth Policy and Universal Civil Service.

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