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From today until Friday 27 February we shall be in Rome for Crew (Creative Economy Week), a week of study, research, and educational activities on the topics of innovation, startups, and creative economy, organized by IED Roma. This event aims at publicizing IED’s academic year topic, “Self(i3) Worker”, to reflect upon the dramatic changes occurring in contemporary society and in the job markets, and upon the creation of job opportunities for oneself and the others.

Crew is a lab-like event where IED Roma offers itself as hub for innovation and support of business competitiveness in the fields of fashion, design, visual arts, new media, and communication, in order to favor companies’ encounter with the world of cultural and creative productions. In so doing, it aims at activating processes of collaborations, transfers of knowledge, and developments of model and competencies.

IED Factory is the section of the event dedicated to twelve workshops held by professionals of creative disciplines and is open to second year students.

Salvatore Di Dio, Domenico Schillaci, and Mauro Filippi will bring on the table their experience gained in PUSH proposing APPlyIED, a workshop on designing services. Through experimental learning and departing from virtual cases of goods and services needing to be improved, developed, or reinvented, they shall share with the students the methods for service design and fast prototyping.

It will be an experience similar to that of Service Jam. As output, each team will produce a video presentation telling about their experience as users.

For this workshop, an experience of paramount importance for our team, many people have applied and now is fully booked.

The complete program of the event is available on the official website.

On 7-9 March at the Convento della Madonna del Carmine, there will be 48 hours of creativity, collaboration, and innovation dedicated to service design.

Global Service Jam, the internationally acclaimed format, arrives for the first time in Palermo. It takes place simultaneously in 100 different cities and on five continents in the world and proposes an exciting challenge: the development of a creative approach in detecting and solving issues involved in the participated service design by encouraging collaboration, experimentation, and innovation.

Palermo edition adds to the other three Italy-based ones: Bologna, Milano, and Scicli (RG). 

What is a jam? It amounts to 48 hours of pure creative energy, involving thirty participants with diverse personal and professional backgrounds that, led by expert mentors, will meet to design a prototype of service conceived for the users’ needs. Different groups in different cities will work on the same theme and publish the results of their work on an online platform, where anyone can access and draw insipiration. The jam theme will be communicated Friday 7 March at 5 pm, and the reults must be shared in the platform by 3 pm on Sunday 9 March.


To participate it is necessary to register and purchase a ticket (35 € per person) on Eventbrite. Palermo Service Jam is a no profit event organized for the first time in Palermo by volunteers in collaboration with the no profit association PUSH. The proceeds will be used to provide refreshments and all the material needed for the jam.

The even witll take place nn 7-9 March at the Convento della Madonna del Carmine, next to the historical market of Ballarò.

More info on the official website.

Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.

Piazza Sant’Anna, 3 - 90133 Palermo
C.F. 97285820821

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