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The interview with Domenico Schillaci, PUSH’s founder and project manager, is now  online.

The interview was realized  by Officine Formative, the school of business of Intesa Sanpaolo to provide solid ground to the new startups with valuable ideas for business.

The occasion was prompted by PUSH’s participation to Startup Initiative, a showcase of the most innovative startups promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo as an important occasion for in depth analysis and networking with industrial and financial actors on the international scene.

trafficO2,PUSH’s leading project, was particularly appreciated. trafficO2 represents a novel approach to mobility and aims at changing the citizens’ habits through a convenient trade-off where prizes are exchanged with sustainable behaviors.

Officine Formative asked us to tell about trafficO2 and the birth of the first Palermo-based civic startup by answering to five simple questions concerning: the idea, the team, the target, the business model, and the projects for the future.

This was a great opportunity to share an ambitious project and tell about our idea of Smart City.

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