For PUSH it was a tough year. Each of us made dozens of calls, hundreds of meetings, written millions of emails and shared billions of post. However, we also missed a couple of appointments and deadlines, and lost of time trying to remember the things to do. For this reason we developed the prototype of a beautiful weekly planner that will help us improving our productivity, keeping in mind the emails to send, the deliveries, the meetings and everything that has to be programmed or reminded.

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As a gift for these holidays, we’d like to give you this little tool that you can download, print and organize in order to better manage your work and your days.

Uik is still a prototype so we have a great need of your feedback: suggestions, concerns and opinions about its use are welcome – necessary, indeed.

The planner has a weekly format because we believe it is the best way to plan your work. Moreover every day is also divided into different categories (calls, email, to do, schedule and delegate) in order to make daily tasks even more clear.
Besides the layout of the agenda, eventually, you can also download the cover, that we suggest to print on cardboard. We will prepare a different one every month.

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