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The FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 is the most social sporting event globally. Besides Twitter suggesting to customize your own profile using the colors of your favorite team, and Facebook collecting all the useful information on the “Worldcup” page, many more initiatives aimed at encouraging users to cheer online for their team have been launched.

PUSH is no exception, so to celebrate the FIFA World Cup we created Tweet4Score, a service design project to enhance the “Social WorldCup” experience. The project was launched through a video, on Saturday 12 June for the debut of the Italian national soccer team. The idea is to play a completely social match on Twitter, using an original formula to calculate the popularity of a team on this popular social network.

On the website you can find the stats for all the teams and all the players’ Twitter account so to mention them directly in your own tweets. It is thus possible to find out the social impact of each team and the score attributed to their players, calculated on a range from 35 to 100. Those players who do not have or use a Twitter account will have a low score, while the most influential “stars” online – such as Mario Balotelli who can boast two and a half million followers and nearly a thousand tweets – will be closer to the highest score of 100 points.

During each single match, Tweet4score will create a live page comparing the teams, providing information on the players and a real-time calculation of the percentage of the two teams’ Twitter popularity, by assigning them a social score based on all tweets mentioning official hashtags or the most popular hashtags among supporters, such as #Vivoazzurro for Italy and #Allezlesbleus for France. Here teams’ goals or technical skills do not matter at all. What really makes the difference is the social support from the fans.

Follow the project on Twitter @tweet4score using the hashtag #T4S, on the Facebook page and do not forget to check out who is the winner of the social challenge on

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