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trafficO2will be in Naples to participate to the sixth edition of Light, an event organized by the National Council of Science and by Triplan, which will be held on September 27th at theCittà della Scienza.

This is a unique occasion to familiarize, understand, and play with the last discoveries of the Italian and European research.

Light is included in Researches’ Night, a European event that will take place simultaneously in 350 different cities with the goal of soliciting visitors’ interest in science and technology. It will be a night dedicated to researches and their discoveries, so to stimulate people’s curiosity through edutainment, combining science and fun.

In-depth analysis will be devoted to the different topics covered in the event – ranked by the EU as “project of excellence in the field of scientific communication” – such as energetic sustainability, biotechnologies, social innovation, mobility, nano-techonologies, and so forth.

trafficO2 team, in white coats, will welcome the visitors and examine their habits with regard to public transportation, as if they were checking their medical history. Those who will show a more “sustainable behavior” will received trafficO2 customized gadgets.

Light will take place Friday 27 September from 6 pm to 1 am at the Città della Scienza in Naples. Free admittance.

 Click here to see the complete program.

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