USE-IT Palermo

USE-IT Palermo is the interactive and constantly updated map that makes you live Palermo like a local


The USE-IT Palermo initiative, funded by Department of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Palermo, was promoted by the CoWork Re Federico to be part of the USE-IT Europe network, a network of free tourist maps, alternative and non-commercial, designed and developed by young people from across Europe to meet the specific needs of other young travellers.
The map includes a set of classic touristic, must-see places in Palermo and local tips, suggestions and inputs provided by insiders young people of the city, from different neighborhoods and areas.


Supporting this initiative of “integrated use” of the city, creating a website with an interactive map.
To make sure that the map reflects the reality of Palermo, the process of creating and updating it should be based on participation, constantly incorporating inputs provided by local young people who can contribute by sending suggestions through the form on the website.


The interactive map created by PUSH can be constantly updated and makes the project absolutely collaborative.


The model of the interactive map created for USE-IT Palermo is easily scalable and can be applied to new initiatives and contexts.

Piazza Sant’Anna, 3 - 90133 Palermo
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