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Second Urban Thinkers Campus in Palermo promoted by the United Nations

Thanks to the experience acquired in the field of Service Design applied to urban policies, to the organization of City as a Service (2015) and to the participation to the United Nations Conference Habitat III, in 2017 PUSH has been invited to organize the second Urban Thinkers Campus in Palermo.

Right to the Future, that took place from April 6th to 8th at Palazzo Sant’Elia, was one of the 75 Campus selected by the United Nations to promote a debate on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, recently adopted by all member states during the international conference Habitat III in Quito.
The word Right was chosen for its double meaning.

  • Right like the projection to new opportunities in a city that loses hundred of young people every year because of the lack of a chance for employment.
  • Right like the demand for a better future in this very moment of social unrest and cultural buzz, when a strong vision is strongly needed in order to build a resourceful and innovative scene.

Right to the Future was thus born with the objective to generate, discuss and elaborate concrete proposals, based on the New Urban Agenda, for the future of Palermo.


World Urban Campaign
Comune di Palermo
Palermo Arabo-Normanna
Forum Giovani

During the plenary sessions, animated by international speakers who presented different best practices implemented around the world and replicable here, the audience was copious for each of the three days. More than 200 participants, not only from Palermo, took part to the event and actively contributed thanks also to the simultaneous translation service offered in order to facilitate the comprehension of the conference to a wider audience.

Moreover, during the afternoon of April 6th and 7th, the participants were involved in Roundtables, three workshops on three different topics: Cultural and artistic heritage, Public Spaces and Community Living. More than 90 participants working in 11 teams including students, professionals and representatives of civil society, had the opportunity to deal with a rapid process to analyze the urban context and elaborate concrete proposals to change the face of the city.

From April 4th to 9th, moreover, about 20 side events organized by the partners of the initiative took place around the city.
All the contributions and inputs collected during the event and thanks to the Open Call launched before the initiative, will be included in the international publication “Right to the Future: Vision Development Kit for the City of Palermo” published by the end of 2017.


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