Poop4Farm is a website created for a simple communication campaign - optimistic and innovative - lasting only 24 hours.

In a pessimistic world, where economics is falling apart and politics is a disaster, we took a symbol of contempt, poop, and we made it the basis for the Happiness Flag, a positive symbol created by Andrea Bartoli.

This positivity message comes from Farm Cultural Park: poop is a good fertilizer and it can be considered as a symbolic basis to start building a better future and a better community.
If jobs are missing and our country sucks, these are good premises for innovators and dreamers. Let’s not make things worse with useless complaining and let’s put the Happiness Flag on the next piece of shit that we will find on the street, turning it into a rich soil for successful projects.

In the context of this initiative that lasted 24 hours, PUSH developed a simple website, an effective way to spread an innovative communication campaign.

The project received a reward during Contest CulturRun, a reality-competition in which eight creative directors and curators challenged each other to become the new Creative Director of Farm Cultural Park and win a prize money. The project and the website can be reproduced during other communication campaigns.

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