En Marche, Au Marché


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Workshops, exhibitions and screen printing with the French collective Le Cagibi - 13/20 June 2015

En marche, au marché is a project about the theme of micro­publishing and art printings that connects different independent reality in the city of Palermo and aims to create a network of exchanges with international artists. With the main goal of building a new original underground graphzine, the publishing house Edizioni Precarie and the French collective Le Cagibi have made a network with other local organizations, including PUSH, in order to develop an itinerary with several “stops” to create piece by piece a small independent edition. Each of these stops, from the design to the public presentation of the book, took place in a different area of the city and have been accessible to the public.

En marche, au marché is a collective path which brings to the market, in the markets of Palermo’s historic center and those in the cities of the 30 artists involved. Places to explore, to get lost and to talk about. The purpose was to don’t lose the memory of their existence which is currently precarious and thrown into a big crisis by the new dynamics of trade. The market is one of the most important places of the historical city center. It’s one of those places which let you think about the every day urban spaces which we discover only when we look more carefully. With this aim we have worked with all the different kind of market papers, changing their traditional use, from food wrapping to book pages.

30 artists (12 international) and 5 partners (1 international) involved. 100 graphzines produced and sold­out for the workshop of indipendent publishing. During the week we had: 1 group exhibition + 1 screen printing live performance + 1 jam sessions + 1 documentary screening.

Piazza Sant’Anna, 3 - 90133 Palermo
C.F. 97285820821

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