Cìciro is a web platform that aims to promote the Sicilian territory through its food excellences

The promotion of a vast and heterogeneous territory, such as the Sicilian territory, passes without any doubt through the promotion of its eno-gastronomic excellences, as the unique products that are strictly tied to the context of geographic belonging. Such activity, if not organized and made easily accessible, results fragmented, partial and inefficient and doesn’t allow for a widespread and sustainable territorial development.

By combining all the products that represent the Sicilian gastronomic excellences and the companies that produce them, through a dedicated web platform, it would be possible to provide a complete panoramic of the above mentioned products, simultaneously allowing for their online purchase, based on the local exchange group model and involving also the local restaurant network.

With the aim of making a sustainable and innovative mechanism that allows users to try, taste and buy the best Sicilian food products we thought to involve the restaurants, imagining them as intermediaries.
Through the planning of themed events, such as dinners and tastings, the restaurants will offer to users the opportunity to try the different excellent products, and subsequently organizing purchasing exchange groups to reduce costs and simplify transportation and distribution.

The project was presented at the first Startup Weekend Palermo, which took place in November 2013, when it obtained positive feedbacks from all the field experts who took part in the event and received the second place in the competition.


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