A board game to learn the basics of financial education





The Context

In 2020, the Bank of Italy’s IACOFI survey shows a level of literacy among Italians that confirms our country’s lagging position in international comparison, which had already emerged
in 2017. Comparing the two editions, Italians have improved financial knowledge, and maintained substantially stable scores of behaviors and attitudes (attitudes).
Financial literacy is uneven across segments of the population: college graduates do better than non-graduates; men’s financial literacy is on average higher than women’s; it is very low among young people, reaches the highest levels for respondents around 45 years old, and then declines.

The idea

As part of the ANGLE project coordinated by the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin, alongside a series of booklets and videos that explain key concepts of Financial Education in a simple way, we designed a board game that combines notions of economics, luck, and strategic skills to guide players along a path that covers the life cycle, all the way to retirement. The game was co-created with a group of about 200 European students who tested it, providing feedback useful for implementation. Some components such as character cards and unexpected cards were designed by the students themselves.

The impact

During the focus groups, all students reported that they learned something at the end of the game. Further tests on the effectiveness of the game for learning will be conducted by the end of the project.

La Scalabilità

Further expansions of the game can be planned, either by inserting new characters, quizzes and contingencies, or by including more complex functions.

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