A board game to learn the basics of financial education

The ANGLE project, coordinated by the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin, aims to promote and improve the economic and financial literacy of the younger generations by adopting a life-cycle perspective to help them consider a long time horizon and think about the future consequences of their decisions. The project includes a range of educational tools, such as brochures and edutainment media (videos, games). PUSH designed a board game that combines notions of economics, luck and strategic skills to guide players along a path covering the life cycle, all the way to retirement.

The game was co-created with a group of about 200 European students from five countries (Italy, France, Poland, the Netherlands and Finland) attending the last years of high school or at the beginning of their university careers. The students actively participated in two game sessions and provided feedback for the final set-up and implementation. In addition, they co-designed some components, such as character cards and chance cards.


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