PUSH Among the Finalists at the EGS Boot Camp 2015

On Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 February, the town of Villafranca near Verona will host a boot camp dedicated to the relation between smart cities and the Public Administration. For two days, the best practices of the local administration offices will familiarize with the innovative startups of the Mind The Bridge circuit.

This event, which includes several talks from experts in the field, is organized by E-Globalservice, a service provider for institutions and companies. At the end of the three-day event it will be revealed on which three startups – among the over one hundred that have presented their candidacy – E-Globalservice has decided to invest.

PUSH is among the finalists and on Sunday 8 Salvatore Di Dio and Domenico Schillaci will be introducing it to the public in the pitch dedicated to the thirteen finalists.

The program of the event includes, on Saturday 7, a round-table open to the public and dedicated to the Public Administration, entitled La nuova PA: Digitalizzazione e Smart Cities, Efficienza e Vantaggi Condivisi, while Sunday 8 will features talks by two keynote speakers: Nick Mastronardi, founder and CEO of Polco, and Benedetta Arese Lucini, general manager at Uber.

The program is available on the Eventbrite webpage.

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