PUSH at CommTech Talks @PoliMi 

PUSH will be in Milan to participate to the CommTech Talks organized by the Telecommunication Ingeneering Program at Politecnico di Milano. There will be meetings, seminars, and debates to encourage encounters between students, instructors, and experts in the industrial and econonomic fields.


Social Innovation in Smart Cities” will be the main topic discussed on Monday 13 January, when Domenico Schillaci, founder of PUSH and alumnus of the Politecnico will tell about PUSH’s commitment in projects of social innovation and support to smart cities policies.

This event is scheduled for 13 January at 12.15 pm, in the Sala Conferenze Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria del Politecnico di Milano

Piazza Sant’Anna, 3 - 90133 Palermo
C.F. 97285820821

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