uMayor is a crowdsourcing app that allows for reporting every inefficiency and urban problem directly to the competent municipal authorities.

In large cities the relationships between citizens and administrations is never direct, and too often calls for long bureaucratic times and slow procedures. And yet, each one of us every day reports, as a walking sensor, many inefficiencies and problems, which if communicated and appropriately mapped could help administrations maintain better control over cities, and consequently offer more aimed and efficient services.
However, a link between citizens and competent offices is lacking.

uMayor transforms citizens into human sensors able to register every urban problem, photographing it, describing it, reporting it to the competent offices and finally, through a collection system of subscriptions to the submitted reports, uMayor offers the possibility to organize crowdfunding groups among members of the community to attempt solving the problem from its roots.

uMayor’s innovation consists in offering citizens a free and simple to use service that doesn’t call for any authorizations, neither any type of report selection by the administrations. In fact by aiming to large numbers, the service is designed to create actual interest clusters towards the known problems, on one side by stimulating the citizen to be an active part of the community, and on the other hand by inviting the administrations to take responsibility and respond to the community’s needs.



uMayor was one of the fifteen finalists of the Social Innovation Tournament 2nd edition, promoted by the European Investment Bank Institute, that took place in Budapest in October, 2013.


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