5 Contemporary Snapshots in the Nebrodi Landscape

From 22 April to 12 May 2018, the municipality of Frazzanò, a town of about 600 inhabitants in the district of Messina, hosted five national and international street artists in residence, for the creation of large mural works in the midst of the Nebrodi landscape. Surrounded by frames, the spaces were variously interpreted by the artists in the production of large works of public art.

The urban frames become a pretext for reasoning about ‘boundaries’ and ‘limits’, about flows and passages, about the dynamism and static nature of places, in an attempt to give the works produced the value of true contemporary artistic snapshots.

The works, covering a total of 270 square metres, were created by four Italian and foreign artists. Specifically, the American Ricky Lee Gordon, the Spaniard Ampparito, Davide DPA from Lecce, Alleg from Abruzzo and Emanuele Poki from Catania.

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