8th – 9th – 10th October 2015

Palermo, Sicily
Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa


Palermo Urban Thinkers Campus

About the Urban Thinkers Campus


as an associate member of the World Urban Campaign and its initiative I’m City Changer, has been selected to coordinate the organization of the first Urban Thinkers Campus in Palermo.

The event, hosted by different cities around the world, took place on October 8-10 and was promoted by the United Nations with the aim of sensitizing and creating awareness among the citizens on urban issues and prepare the contents to be presented during the conference Habitat III (Quito 2016).

The Campus was designed as an open space for workshops and seminars, an opportunity to share and promote positive urban transformations.

The forum aimed to investigate different ideas and solutions, in order to offer an integrated approach and give voice to the various stakeholders: civil society, public administrations, companies, experts and researchers had the opportunity to meet each other and try to identify and overcome obstacles towards a smart development.

The Urban Thinkers Campus
The Urban Thinkers Campus

The Urban Thinkers Campus is an initiative of UN-Habitat conceived as an open space for critical exchange between urban actors who believe that urbanization is an opportunity and can lead to positive urban transformations.

The World Urban Campaign
The World Urban Campaign

The World Urban Campaign is UN-Habitat’s partners’ platform preparing for the Habitat III conference. The Campaign acts as a global advocacy and partnership platform to promote dialogue, sharing, and learning about improving our urban future.


UN-Habitat is the United Nations programme working towards a better urban future. Its mission is to promote socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements development and the achievement of adequate shelter for all.


  • The city we need is economically vibrant and inclusive

  • The city we need has a singular identity and sense of place

  • The city we need is a regenerative city

  • The city we need is socially inclusive

  • The city we need is managed at the metropolitan level

  • The city we need is a healthy city

  • The city we need is affordable and equitable

  • The city we need is well planned

  • The city we need is a safe city

About the Campus in Palermo

The Campus, entitled City as a Service, focused on digital innovative services for the cities of the future.

The city conceived as a multifaceted integrated service should improve citizens’ lives by ensuring a real-time easy access to information. The use of technology, in the era of sharing economy, can trigger this process and foster economical and social growth.

This topic has a crucial value in Palermo, a beautiful city but full of contradictions, placed in the middle of the Mediterranean sea but in the suburbs of Europe. The Campus has been thus an opportunity to present innovative services as well as effective practices adaptable to similar marginal contexts.


Day 1 – 8th October

Focus on Civil Society and Civic Startups

Representatives of civil society shared their experiences in facing the most challenging urban issues through
innovative services.

Day 2 – 9th October

Focus on Research and Companies

Researchers and academics presented the most interesting user-driven solutions and case studies within
urban areas.

Day 3 – 10th October

Focus on Public Administrations

Exponents of local governments and municipalities described their own best practices in delivering smart services to citizens.

5 Reasons to come to Palermo

  • Enjoy a day at Mondello beach: with its crystal clear water is one of the most beautiful in Italy.

  • Palermo is blessed with a warm weather: in October it’s still summer and it rarely rains.

  • Palermo’s Street Food is one of the most famous, rich and tasty in the world. Try it!

  • Palermo has a 3000 years history: it has surely something to tell you.

  • Palermo has dozens of beautiful, ancient churches and monuments. It’s worth a visit!


Palermo, Sicily
Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa



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