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“Palermo Pulita” is an app developed by Social Street Palermo allowing the user to report the presence of trash, illegal dumping grounds, and damages to urban decoration in the area of the city of Palermo.


The use of the app is simple and immediate: to make a report is sufficient to take a picture in real time, select on the app the category of the issue reported (illegal dumoing grounds, dangerous waste, urban waste, and damages to urban decoration), and send the geolocalized information to the server. The app collects the reports anonymously and the data gathered will be then shown on a density map on this page: As a consequence, it will be easy to understand which areas need urgent interventions.


PUSH, which subscribes to the values underlying the civic activities of Social Street Palermo’s concerned and participatory community, has realized the iOs version of “Palermo Pulita” app, downloadable here.


The FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 is the most social sporting event globally. Besides Twitter suggesting to customize your own profile using the colors of your favorite team, and Facebook collecting all the useful information on the “Worldcup” page, many more initiatives aimed at encouraging users to cheer online for their team have been launched.

PUSH is no exception, so to celebrate the FIFA World Cup we created Tweet4Score, a service design project to enhance the “Social WorldCup” experience. The project was launched through a video, on Saturday 12 June for the debut of the Italian national soccer team. The idea is to play a completely social match on Twitter, using an original formula to calculate the popularity of a team on this popular social network.

On the website you can find the stats for all the teams and all the players’ Twitter account so to mention them directly in your own tweets. It is thus possible to find out the social impact of each team and the score attributed to their players, calculated on a range from 35 to 100. Those players who do not have or use a Twitter account will have a low score, while the most influential “stars” online – such as Mario Balotelli who can boast two and a half million followers and nearly a thousand tweets – will be closer to the highest score of 100 points.

During each single match, Tweet4score will create a live page comparing the teams, providing information on the players and a real-time calculation of the percentage of the two teams’ Twitter popularity, by assigning them a social score based on all tweets mentioning official hashtags or the most popular hashtags among supporters, such as #Vivoazzurro for Italy and #Allezlesbleus for France. Here teams’ goals or technical skills do not matter at all. What really makes the difference is the social support from the fans.

Follow the project on Twitter @tweet4score using the hashtag #T4S, on the Facebook page and do not forget to check out who is the winner of the social challenge on

Beta 0.3 version of trafficO2 has just been released with several new features. The section MOVE has new functions, like the possibility of calculating one’s itinerary and selecting the desired means of transportation, to check-in and out automatically once the destination is reached, and gain O2 points.

A community of students from the  Università degli Studi di Palermo – selected during the workshop “Mobility, behaviours: apps” held at Palazzo Chiaramonte Steri from 21-23 November 2013 – will test the new app.

The idea is that of expanding this group of testers up to the point of involving the whole body of students of the University of Palermo and other working communities.

TrafficO2 Website has a new design.

In addition to the section dedicated to the project and the experimental phase, a huge section has been devoted to the SUVChallenge, the first trafficO2 challenge involving 100 students from Palermo University who have applied to participate and become app testers.

From today, students can dowload the app and get ready for the challenge, starting on Wednesday May 28.

Go and find the rules, all the awards and partners on

After the successful first edition in 2013, Invasioni Digitali (Digital Invasions) is back in Palermo for the second year. It is a national network of events aimed at disseminating and increasing the value of the national artistic and cultural heritage by using the social media.

The event will be held Sunday 4 May at the cry #INVADO IL MASSIMO: Massimo Theatre will be “invaded” by digital innovation buffs that with their smartphones will share their experience on the social networks.

The invasion will begin at 10 am and it will include guided tours inside the building designed by Basile (there will be a 3 EUR reduced ticket price including also edutainment tours offered by Fondazione Teatro Massimo).

The visitors will have the opportunity to visit the great hall, the Royal box, the representation rooms, and, exceptionally for this event, also the stage. The tour will also include the visit to the exhibition “Mozart at the Teatro Massimo”, displaying sketches, fashion-plates, costumes and props and where it will also be possible to use and photograph the wind machine and immortalize yourself as the Commendatore statue, the famous character of Mozart’s Don Giovanni.

All the participants will be able to share their posts on the main social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube, by using the hashtags #invadoilMassimo and #invasionidigitali. All the contents will be collected on the web-portal

Instagramers Palermo is a partner of #InvadoilMassimo, so on the event day by adding the hashtag #igerspalermo to the pictures, they will be grouped with all the other pictures within our Instagramers community.

The event organization is managed by the non-profit association PUSH in collaboration with Ars Mediterranea and Iride_work in pixel, a crossmedia production studio that once again will be in charge of narrating the event through a video and a photographic reportage.

PUSH takes part in the contest “ApPalermo, Palermo Open Data Contest”– promoted by the Municipality of Palermo– presenting its OpenData based app, which is able to schedule a city tour, according to the time that any user has got.

It’s a simple and innovative mechanism: by indicating starting point, interests, transport and available time, the app schedules a personalized georeferenced touristic tour, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises. The app itself, indeed, automatically shows all the open and available places within the selected time frame. It’s basically a comprehensive guide, at your fingertips, available even offline, useful to find out the most interesting places to visit and to move easily around the territory.

The tour includes the map, all the addresses and corrisponding distances, together with additional info such as opening hours, ticket prices and useful contacts. For each location there is a fact sheet full of curiosities and many tips to improve your city tour.

This initiative launched by the Municipality of Palermo is in line with the organization’s policies, because it aims at facilitating the access to public information and to improve transparency of data, increasing number and quality of digital services, available for citizens and tourists.

Palermo on Tour, currently available for Android devices, is already freely downloadable in Play Store. The iOs version will be soon implemented.

On 7-9 March at the Convento della Madonna del Carmine, there will be 48 hours of creativity, collaboration, and innovation dedicated to service design.

Global Service Jam, the internationally acclaimed format, arrives for the first time in Palermo. It takes place simultaneously in 100 different cities and on five continents in the world and proposes an exciting challenge: the development of a creative approach in detecting and solving issues involved in the participated service design by encouraging collaboration, experimentation, and innovation.

Palermo edition adds to the other three Italy-based ones: Bologna, Milano, and Scicli (RG). 

What is a jam? It amounts to 48 hours of pure creative energy, involving thirty participants with diverse personal and professional backgrounds that, led by expert mentors, will meet to design a prototype of service conceived for the users’ needs. Different groups in different cities will work on the same theme and publish the results of their work on an online platform, where anyone can access and draw insipiration. The jam theme will be communicated Friday 7 March at 5 pm, and the reults must be shared in the platform by 3 pm on Sunday 9 March.


To participate it is necessary to register and purchase a ticket (35 € per person) on Eventbrite. Palermo Service Jam is a no profit event organized for the first time in Palermo by volunteers in collaboration with the no profit association PUSH. The proceeds will be used to provide refreshments and all the material needed for the jam.

The even witll take place nn 7-9 March at the Convento della Madonna del Carmine, next to the historical market of Ballarò.

More info on the official website.

Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.

Droidcon the world event dedicated to  Android developers, makes a stop in Italy.After London, Paris, Berlin, and other European capitals, it will finally arrive in Turin, on 6-7 February 2014.

Our Pushers, Roberto Filippi, Alessandro Riva and Andrea Tosatto will take part to the event, organized by Synesthesia and sponsored, among others, by the Istituto Superiore Mario Boella.

This two-day of talks, hackatons, and conferences scheduled at the Centro Congressi Torino Incontra, will be a unique occasion to meet other developers, geeks, and amateurs, and to exchange views, experiment, and stay updated with all the new technologies offered by Android for the creation and development of apps on mobile devices.

Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.

Sicily hub-net of the Mediterranean: from the fishing nets to the Internet, through the logistical nets. Two days of workshops and seminars – organized by the Port Authority of Palermo, TTL Sicily e TTS – dedicated to exploring the scenarios in which the city of Palermo traces its prospective path toward the major building projects, programmed to be held on the 16th and 17th of December at the Port Authority of Palermo – Stella Maris Hall (Via Piano dell’Ucciardone n.4)

The central theme is a “gateway”: a step, a doorway that allows the passage of people, goods, thoughts and information. Ports, train stations and airports are in fact the current doorway to the contemporary cities, through which information flows, that is economic, social, cultural and environmental.
In this context of analysis of urban events in and through gateways, there will also be a speech by Salvatore Di Dio who will discuss PUSH’s commitment to create a smart hub that will be able to promote and share information for a realistic and sustainable change of the urban and social policies.

The appointment is set for December 17th at 11.30 am.

 Four of our PUSHers participated to the Startup Weekend Palermo – the event gathering developers, designers, business and marketing experts, product managers, and in general all those interested in the world of Internet, of mobile, of ICT and innovation – held from 29 November to 1 Dicember 2013 at ITIS Vittorio Emanuele III in Palermo.

Here we would like to congratulate Mauro Filippi, Angelo Marchesin, Alessandro Riva e Claudio Terzo that – in team with Angelo Calderone, Antonio Liuni, Mario Malcangi, and Veronica Schembri – whose idea received the second prize: Ciciro, a web and mobile platform for the promotion of the territory through food and wine excellences.


Tomorrow, at the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia in Palermo will be held a local seminar for planning Sicily’s participation at the Italian pavilion at EXPO 2015


The event, which will take place in Milan from 1 May to 31 October, is dedicated to the topic “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and is going to be of great national and international appeal. EXPO and Padiglione Italia aim at becoming the messengers of a proactive vision of Italian culture and economy and of their main actors. They mean to do so by granting visibility and support to those projects and practices that will take us into the future, stimulating the desire of improvement and growth, coortinating and enhancing the Italian socio-economic system so to offer to the world the best image possible of Italy and its territory.

In order to highlight what content regional and local institutions will be taking to Expo 2015, Padiglione Italia, in agreement with EXPO Direction Board and also with the contribution of Censis, organizes a series of local seminars for participation planning entitled “EXPO 2015 for Italy”. These are occasions aimed at auditing local authorities and their representatives in order to envisage an articulated and engaging image of Italy that can look at the future from the viewpoint of its historical riches and cultural identity.


Among the speakers of the seminar “Forum for Sicily” there will be also PUSH’s President Salvatore di Dio, who will gather PUSH’s social innovation projects. He is strongly committed to work for Palermo and its citizens by laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s smart cities through projects that are simple, effective, sustaimable, and able to trigger new urban and social policies.


The seminar will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 12 November at Cantieri culturali alla Zisa – Pad. 4, Via P. Gili, 4, in Palermo.

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